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Hello, Daniel. I understand your desire to part with such a habit. Physically it is unpleasant or even painful. If another person had done this to us, it would also be offended, and we would probably try to defend ourselves from him – it is true after all?

But I want to speculate with you: is it true that because of this you can “stun” as you write? On the one hand, the legendary boxer Mohammed Ali in old age suffered from Parkinson’s disease. The media often associate his disease with professional activities and frequent traumatic brain injuries (CTM).

On the other hand, studies do not confirm such a connection. It has been established that only 20% of professional boxers have chronic tuitioners. And among the 704 Thai boxers who participated in another study, only 8 Parkinson’s disease suffered – this is only 1%, which corresponds to the general statistics of the spread of this disease in the world among people over 60 years old.

Therefore, you can be calm: you can’t knock out knowledge out of your head. And I really hope that you hit yourself on the head not with such force to get a check.

Now let’s think about what makes you do this with yourself and how to deal with it. If we talked live, I would definitely ask: how do you feel when you hit yourself on the head? And who would you like to hit at those moments instead of yourself, if it was possible?

How often are you even angry? As usual, you express your anger, irritation, dissatisfaction: you prefer to keep silent, pretend that everything is in order? Or talk about what you do not like at the moment, perhaps raising your voice or crying? Although I do not recognize your answer, but you, please, answer yourself these questions.

Remember how most often you act with your emotions and feelings, especially those that seem wrong, negative, inappropriate

It is important to express them, best of all with words (“I am angry with you because”, “I don’t like what”, “I would like to do otherwise”). If it is not possible to say, you can write letters (it is not necessary to send them to the addressee), draw your feelings (let even in the form of an abstraction). You can shout or dying somewhere in a secluded place. Take a run or install an inflatable pear at home and arrange sparring with it when you feel that emotions have accumulated too much.

Perhaps I will grieve you, but getting rid of any habit is almost impossible-the will efforts will not help. But it can be replaced with something more acceptable.

For example, when despair arises, shame for yourself or anger, find a quadrangle in the space around (window, cabinet, book, photo frame).

Then, looking at his upper left corner, inhale slowly, counting up to four.

Then look at the upper corner on the right and exhale, counting up to four.

Further, the look at the angle at the bottom right, inhale, four.

And, looking at the corner below the left – exhale.

At the same time, try to relax the most tense muscles – maybe on the forehead, jaw or fists.

Your habit says that you have some kind of tension that cannot find a way out. You will cope with her if you learn not to hide feelings, but to express them, and relax at the level of muscles.